Friday, July 24, 2009

how a good day begins

The folks who keep their horses on the property that we caretake have gone on vacation for a week. So I fed them and sprayed them for flies and scooped up horse turds. I like shoveling horse turds. If that was a viable part-time job, I would take it. I think most, and maybe all, good people have had to deal with actual shit sometimes.

Also, I put a couple of screws in a table that was getting wonky. I washed clothes and hung them up to dry, and mused on how strange it is to live in a society where being able to hang your clothes is a privilege. (Many neighborhoods have laws forbidding people from hanging their clothes out to dry--for the classist reason that it makes a place look like it's inhabited by poor folks. I would love to know if that bit of insanity is unique to the US.)

Now I am thinking about being a writer. In a good way.

Oh, the title of this post would be "how a great day begins" if Emma was here. I am missing her enormously, but I'm finding it interesting to be reminded of what I like to do on my own. One example: I've stopped drinking coffee in the house while she's away; when she's here, the pot is always full, so I drank coffee all day long. I'll watch to see if there are others.