Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Homaranismo and conlangs

Dear Esperantists, what's the noun for a believer in homaranismo? I like it a lot. I've always wanted to be able to say I'm a humanist, but that word has been claimed by adamant atheists and others, so it's really not useful. But being able to say I'm a homaranist (?) might be handy.

Googling "homaranismo" brought me to a nice essay about Esperanto, The Inner Idea. Then thinking about invented languages took me to Constructed languages. The goal of conlanguists makes so much sense. Alas, humans don't do sense.

Still, the UN really should adopt a conlang. Which one, I dunno. I like Esperanto because it's the best known and it's explicitly public domain...which explains the strength of its offshoot, Mondlango. Based on the tiny bit I've read about Zamenhof, he would be delighted to have any more useful branch of Esperanto, or any conlang, take its place.