Thursday, December 3, 2009

the inadequacy of diversity as a goal

Beyond ‘Diversity’: New Creation and a Mestizo Vision at Sojourners is sufficiently Christian in its language that I hesitated to read it, but I'm glad I did. The conclusion:
Integration and Diversity do not state the power of the Holy Spirit’s interruption of history deeply enough. To emphasize Edgardo’s point, “all ethnic ministries are provisional because the future is mestizo.” Diversity and integration lack a telos, a goal, a “for what purpose?” New Creation and a mestizo vision properly understood within God’s work of “reconciling all things in Christ” (Col. 1:15-23) offer a fresh paradigm of “toward what” that is not only deeply transformative but beautiful, a bit scary, and subversive to the way things are. Not to mention a deeper way to holiness and vision which requires God.
In the '90s, The Diversity Myth was a lunatic rightwing response to lunatic leftwing experiments in diversity at Stanford University. The Diversity Myth: Multiculturalism and Political Intolerance on Campus is a very sensible review of it. I especially like the reviewer's comments about education in the Soviet Union and Bulgaria.