Wednesday, January 6, 2010

in support of race traitor stories (regarding Cameron's Avatar)

I had been thinking about discussing Avatar and the merits of stories about race traitors, but I didn't want to see Avatar, not because I suspected, as its antiracist critics claim, that it was racist, but because I suspected it was stupid science fiction (as opposed to the smart stuff).

Roz Kaveny has saved me the trouble: Avatar. She makes me want to see it. She reminds me that for all that I hated Titanic, I enjoyed Terminator 1 and 2 enormously. My only quibble with her discussion is that in mentioning District 9, she says it was racist. Is it racist to depict all the members of a criminal gang as having no redeeming qualities? Simplistic, yes, but racist?

ETA: Just remembered that he did True Lies, which I hated so much more than Titanic that I forgot it existed. But I still want to see Avatar now.