Thursday, July 14, 2011

quote of the year if you care about the many fails of scifi fandom

"The interwebs have far too many wannabe undergrad/grad lit-crit radfem queer-theory politicos out to nail 'race-gender-class-fail' even if it means becoming exactly what they think they hate, and I, for one, couldn't care less what they believe. They are Nil. Remember how the Wicked Witch of the West met her end in Victor Fleming's 1939 adaptation of The Wizard of Oz? Well, toss a bucket of indifference on these fools, same thing happens." —greygirlbeast from "Kids want to be so hard..."

Why didn't I figure that out in 2007? My best guess: My egalitarianism has meant I meet everyone as an equal and argue with them the way I would argue with Steve Brust: at full speed with no body protection. I forget there are people who say they want equality and actually want privilege.