Saturday, July 16, 2011

the state of the Shetterlyverse

So far, my G+ has been used for sharing things that are whimsical or useful for Gplusians. Today, I put two short posts on it that would've gone here in the past. You can see them by visiting my public G+ page.

The plan is to share short things at G+ and long things here—definition of "long" yet to be determined.

My twitter account has been cancelled.

I sincerely intended to shut down my LJ, but Nick Mamatas didn't want me to go, so it's become the place where I wrestle pigs of the Animal Farm ilk. It's not pretty. I really don't recommend that you go there. I'm only acknowledging that it still exists. I think of it as Fight Club for Flamers. If you know Nick's style, here's how bad it got: I sent him fleeing into his hole and locking the door behind him, something I had not thought was possible and something I still haven't decided whether I'm proud of. Okay, I know I shouldn't be proud of it, but I always thought Nick was the bigger butthead, and now I have to consider the possibility that I am.

Really, don't go there. When I wrestle pigs, I sometimes find pearls the hard way. If I wrestle more pigs there, which I'm not planning to do, I'll clean the pearls and bring them back here or to G+.

It's the weekend now. I'm feeling excellent and hope you are, too. Do something you love that doesn't involve the internet. That's my plan.

*playing "Happy Trails to you" and fading away*