Saturday, November 5, 2011

Passing "Go" in Monopoly is like Guaranteed Basic Income

I hadn't realized that Monopoly includes a form of Basic Income until I read this, in The Pictorial Arts: The Color of Money:
My favorite part of the game was passing GO, just to always receive that stipend of $200. We should have that in real life. Everytime we pass GO, um, let's say every January 1, every man woman and child should receive a stipend, and with cost of living increases, that should be oh I dunno, $7500? Wouldn't that be a lovely way to begin each year? Or to spread it out, it could be on each of our birthdays. Wouldn't that make older people appreciate their birthdays more?
ETA: At G+, Dan Harper left this comment: "According to the online Inflation Calculator (reference: ), $200 in 1934, when the game was created, would be worth $3221.87 in 2010 dollars."