Sunday, March 17, 2013

wee update: a mild cold or mild smoke inhalation

I either have a cold or a mild case of smoke inhalation. A couple of days ago, I started a batch of green coffee beans in a roaster in the basement. Maybe ten minutes later, I smelled smoke in the upper floor—why, yes, the batteries were out of the smoke detectors, which is stupid—and I ran down into the basement, which was full of smoke. Flames were coming from the beans. I glanced at the cord to the roaster, didn't see any damage, and unplugged it.

But I couldn't get the basement window open. The storm window was jammed, and the rest of the basement windows were caulked up by the previous owner--I only opened one this year. So I ran upstairs to breathe, then ran down to try again. The next time I did that, Emma gave me a bandanna soaked in water. I'm not sure how many times I ran up and down before I finally managed to get the jammed window open.

I also don't know why I didn't carry the roaster out of the house as soon as I realized the window was a problem. Maybe because I didn't think it would take so long to get the window open. After the third or fourth try, I verified that the frame of the roaster was cool enough to carry, got it outside, then went back to work on the window, which finally opened when I took a prybar to it.

That evening, I went to my dance class and felt fine. The next morning, my throat was scratchy. I've been a bit snuffly since. After reading about mild smoke inhalation, I'm withholding judgment on whether it's a cold or the smoke. For all I know, the answer is "both".

Have skipped the weekend dance classes. *Sad.*

tl;dr: I inhaled a lot of coffee smoke. Our house smells like cigarettes, alas.