Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Is "warrior" the worst metaphor for a believer in peace or justice?

Saw this recently:

I commented,
Fuck no! Warriors make war: they kill, destroy, and conquer. We could use a better metaphor.
The poster replied,
warrior for peace and love.
I replied,
That's like saying "Be a torturer for tolerance" or "Be an assassin for antiviolence."
If the discussion continues, I'll make this point and then, I hope, drop out:
If metaphors matter, that one is awful. Now, I grant they often don't—few people use "classy" and intend to dis the working class. But if you want a strong noun for supporting peace and love, "worker" works just fine. Or if you want one that can be associated with violence, go with "defender" or "protector" or "champion" instead.