Tuesday, January 3, 2017

For people who say Nazis were socialists, a sort-of FAQ

1. The Nazis imprisoned communists, not capitalists.

2. The "socialism" in "National Socialism" is like the "democratic" in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, aka North Korea: it's meant to sound good. Socialism was very popular in the Weimar Republic.

3. Capitalists like Henry Ford loved Nazis. Alfried Krupp was a member of the SS.

4. Hitler loved capitalists like Henry Ford. From Ford 'used slave labour' in Nazi German plants - Telegraph:
Henry Ford is mentioned in Mein Kampf, and was hailed by Hitler, who kept a portrait of the industrialist above his desk, as "my inspiration".
5. The Nazi's 25-point plan or National Socialist Program has very little that resembles socialism. Most of it is a jumble of xenophobia and racism. Only a few points look vaguely like socialism to capitalists:

Point 11 calls for the end of unearned income and usury. If that's socialism, the Catholic Church's long opposition to usury made it socialist.

Point 13 calls for nationalizing major industries. If this was ever meant seriously, it did not last. Companies like I. G. Farben were major supporters of the Nazis. See IG Farben German Industry and the Holocaust.

Point 14 calls for sharing profit, not ownership. If that's socialism, Alaska has been socialist since 1976, when a Republican governor convinced the state to adopt the Alaska Permanent Fund and pay part of the oil industry's profits to every Alaskan.

Point 15 calls for Social Security. If that's socialism, the US has been socialist since 1935.

Point 16 calls for supporting small businesses by offering them cheap storage facilities and a degree of preference for government contracts. That's not socialism; that's government support for struggling capitalist enterprises.

Point 23 calls for national censorship. That is an explicit rejection of Karl Marx's love of the free press.