Racefail and Coffeeandink

1. The only amusing thing about the Racefail '09 flamewar is that if you use dictionary definitions, no racists were involved. In Monty Python terms, it was the People's Front of Judea versus the Judean People's Front.

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2. During Racefail 09, Coffeeandink made a post taking things I had written out of context to claim I believe something I do not. I've never said racism no longer exists or matters. During the Civil Rights struggle, I bled from the blows of racists. Racism will matter until the last racist is dead. My belief is that class matters more than race if you're trying to understand injustice in the modern USA.

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Diversity In Fantasy And Science Fiction

3. For years, Coffeeandink used her full legal name in public, google-searchable posts on her LiveJournal and her user name was her extremely uncommon first name. 
She linked her legal name with her LJ on other sites, too—for example, on the first International Pixel-Stained Techno-Peasant Day, she shared on her LJ a story published under her legal name. She was so casual about linking her name and her LJ that from 2007 to 2009, K. Tempest Bradford hot-linked Coffeeandink's legal name and her LJ on two pages at Fantasy Magazine. 

But during Racefail 09, Coffeeandink declared she was pseudonymous and the people who named her were "outing" her. In the weeks after that, she changed her user handle and the public posts where she had used her name. If she truly believed she had been pseudonymous, why did she change her public record?

Ironically, the year before Racefail, Coffeeandink was one the people who participated in the outing of Zathlazip, a woman who had actually made an effort to be pseudonymous.