Friday, July 17, 2009

poor, poor pitiful me

Emma left today to help a friend recover from hip surgery. She'll be gone for several weeks. I'll either get a lot of work done or drink a six-pack a day and practice my belching.

The belches will be awesome.

Oh, okay. I'll try to get a lot of work done.

I miss her too much already. After dropping her off at the airport, I returned to my desk and found she had left me a cap that she had crocheted. With a tag saying it's a thinking cap. That was a very dirty trick, and I am all sniffly now.

People in Minneapolis, see that she has an awesome time. (But she's there to write and help a friend, so there shouldn't be too much awesome. Just a bit.)

Off for a couple of beers now. (Tip of the day: To maintain your muscle tone, have a drink in each hand and alternate drinks.)

Actually, someone's showing up for the weekend, so I'll finish prepping the guest room.

And I suppose I should say for those who don't know me, drinking is not one of my weaknesses, and my favorite beer is dark, of which there is none in the house, so I'll just have to alternate working with missing my sweetie.



  1. Awwww. Do you have good things to read and watch, at least? Have any favorite, smelly foods that Emma hates? I always eat mushrooms, sardines and oysters when my sidekick goes out of town.

  2. Dear god, was that you belching earlier? Oh, wait, it was just thunder. I hope. (But then again, if it was you...duude. EXCELLENT)

  3. Belching wastes perfectly good sardines. *haughty sniff* *grin*

  4. Gregory, last night was truly belches of the gods.

    Grey, I think I'm with your sidekick on sardines and oysters. Except for New England oyster stew, which can be awesome. But I sympathize on the mushrooms. Now I'm wondering what I eat less or none of when Emma's around. People talk about merging libraries in relationships, but not about merging refrigerators.