Monday, July 27, 2009

the internet does not want you to leave

I was thinking about whether I hurt anyone's feelings by paring my LiveJournal reading list drastically. Netiquette probably calls for simply moving people into an "unread" category rather than "unfriending" them, but I don't want anyone to assume I've read something that I haven't. As often happens, the honest choice seems like the unfriendly choice. By definition, leaving a social network is an antisocial act.

But I need to move further away from the internet. In the old days, people could move from one continent to another, and friends and family would know they were still loved. Now, the internet says that caring means following every post and tweet.


  1. *pats you on the head*

    It's OK Will, we know where to find you :)

  2. Sierra, aw!

    Grey, d'oh! (A real friend helps you unfriend them.) Off to clean the sweep now.

  3. "A real friend helps you unfriend them."

    This needs to be a t-shirt.

  4. The difference is whether they can read your locked posts. If you don't make any, it doesn't matter.

  5. Unlocked posts allow for maximum offensive maneuvering. This way, you don't have to aim!!!


  6. I don't make locked posts. If you think I get petty now, you'd be appalled then! *koffktempestbradfordinsultsharlanellisonfirstbutonlyheapologizes?koff*