Saturday, September 5, 2009

Disney's Song of the South

Disney's Song of the South should not be avoided because it is racist. It should be avoided because it has one good song in it. Otherwise, it's the worst thing art can be: boring.

This is as good as it gets:

I kept wishing it had been made by the Looney Tunes crew.


  1. I loved the Brer Rabbit stories when I was little though, the unDisney versions.

  2. Aspyre, ditto. The Tar Baby sequence in Song of the South is okay.

    Among the problems with this movie is it doesn't deliver on its title: there's not nearly enough singing.

  3. Well, not having seen the movie in decades, i do not recall it being any duller than "OLD YELLER"; i wish it was available for rental or purchase. and i liked the rabbit/fox/bear 'toons and vaugely recall the surprise ending when one character that could not see the 'toons now can see "them".