Thursday, September 24, 2009

skillet pizza: roasted chiles

I've been making pizza in a skillet lately because I'm lazy:

1. If you use commercial pizza dough (cheap and good from Trader Joe's), set it out to warm up about half an hour before Step 2. I flatten the dough in the bag so it will begin to relax.

2. About half an hour before you want to eat, start heating the oven to 450 degrees F.

3. Spread olive oil in the bottom of the skillet.

4. Put the dough in the skillet and flatten it.

5. Cut open the awesome roasted chiles that you got from a chile festival (or roasted outdoors on a grill) and wash them, rubbing away the burned bit and seeds.

6. Chop the chiles.

7. Flatten the dough in the skillet again.

8. Pour on spaghetti or pizza sauce. Add your favorite seasonings; I usually go with garlic powder, black pepper, and cayenne.

9. Add your toppings. In this case, I just went with one or two chiles and a few handfulls of cheddar and parmesan soy cheeses.

10. Bake for about eight minutes, look in the oven so you feel responsible, then bake for a few minutes more to get a nice crust.


P.S. Make sure your skillet is safe to use in an oven! I use cast iron, so I don't have to worry about that.


  1. "awesome roasted chiles that you got from a chile festival"

    Aw. Yum. *drool*

    That's very nearly the only thing I miss from my time in New Mexico. The smell of roasting green chile blanketing the town, with every grocery and market roasting their own in a big black grill outside, and the enchiladas and pizza and... everything you could possibly add chile to.

  2. That looks delicious. I'm going to start freezing balls of pizza dough again.

    But what I really want is that pan!!! Is it cast iron? And if so, where did you get it?

  3. Phiala, you're making me hungry again.

    Grey, yep, cast iron. My dad had it for ages, so I guess you have to watch garage sales, or maybe google "two burner skillets" or something in the hope it turns up.

    I shouldn't brag about how beautifully smooth its surface is.

  4. Will,

    What soy cheese brand do you use? I am still trying to track down one that is lactose/casien free that has a rich taste. Any help on that front would be appreciated. Hope all is well!


  5. You should totally brag about it! Well cared-for cast iron is the mark of a worthy life. :)

  6. Christina, we don't use anything special--veggie shreads, which are pretty common, or Soy-sation, which I've only seen at Trader Joe's. For pizza and quesadillas, they're fine.

    Sorry not to answer that sooner! I had to go to the fridge to check the names.

    A friend raves about Daiya, which he gets at Whole Foods, but I haven't tried it.