Friday, October 9, 2009

eliminating distractions: metafilter

I canceled my metafilter account. One distraction down, infinity minus one to go.

Why can't my cats write my novels?


  1. Cats believe that the only purpose of books is to provide them with a surface upon which to sit. Thus they have not had much occasion to develop their novel writing skills.

    Now if you wanted them to paint a picture for you, you might have more luck. They consider it a performance art, though.

  2. serial, you forget that pages are good to chew on. Fortunately for everyone, Toby does not do that often, and it's only with paper left out on the kitchen counter.

  3. Well, yes, there is that. Bit hard to write on paper you've just turned into soggy lumps, but I suppose they could be writing on it and then eating it.

  4. Good for you, eliminating metafilter! I know how addictive sites like that can be.