Wednesday, October 21, 2009

thinking about black women's hair

I grew up during the age of the Afro, and I thought it was the coolest. That's why the debate today among black women about hair interests me. miss_mu twittered, "Hair is looking so good today I would like to get my picture on @lecoil." So I followed a couple of links, and thought Team Zahara is well worth reading, and this pic at lecoil is well worth seeing.

Most of my blog posts are for Emma's sake, but this one is especially for her, 'cause when she was a girl, she wanted to look like Beverly Johnson. I wanted to look like Jimi Hendrix. To anyone who knows the time period, that says way too much about the kind of teens we were, and undoubtedly adds to the reasons we've been together for so long.


  1. My mother used to have a natural Afro. It looked pretty funny on a five foot nothin' white woman.

    (Okay, she's not really that short...)

  2. I was at a Saul Williams concert last night with a wonderfully mixed race crowd. Saul had created a "mohawk" out of individual blue feathers stuck into his hair that stayed put because of his dense hair texture.

    At one point he pulled some out and threw them into the audience and all the black men and women around me with that wonderfully dense texture were able to put them in their own hair. I had a fleeting thought of doing the same until I realized my stick straight and fine hair would never hold it. And I wished, not for the first time, that my hair had that wonderful texture that allows sculptural feats.

  3. Someone could probably do a great essay on race, hair hatred, and hair envy.

  4. Here's a candidate for that essay.

    (I'm a bigger fan of Coates the more I read him--his memoir is killer.)

    (And why am I this odd alphanumeric creature? I am the artist formerly known as John A Arkansawyer.)

  5. John, sorry about the numberizing--maybe an OpenID thing? But thanks for the link! I really should follow his posts, 'cause I like what I have read.

  6. Check out his memoir next time you have discretionary reading time--it's short and really wonderful.