Monday, November 23, 2009

I am the Class Guy

Accepting my obsession, I've created a new blog, The Class Guy. I've moved my old political posts there. When I post something new, I'll announce it here, so no one needs to subscribe to it.

I should get a Don Quixote icon.


  1. As long as you're tilting at real windmills it's not crazy, right? *grin*

  2. Why didn't you go all the way Will and call it The Class Clown? :-)

    Sorry I just couldn't resist that. . .

  3. Works for me. Have you seen Chris Lehmann's recent stuff on class? Casual in some respects, but he's trying to put the idea out there.

  4. Serial, I'm not sure knowing they're windmills helps. Might make me even crazier, but I'm good with that.

    Robin, did a stone just hit your glass house? :) Actually, that's good, but no one's called me that, so far as I know. I've just heard "the class guy," so I'm going with it.

    Erudite, no, but I'll look for it. Got a particular one to recommend? (I did just subscribe to his twitter and education blog.)

  5. OK Now I get it, someone actually called you "The Class Guy". Kinda like someone called me *The* Transcendentalist Super Hero a while back. :-)

    No stone hit my glass house because I have been a class clown aka shit disturber all my life and have no intention of changing my ways. I take the description "Class Clown" and indeed "shit disturber" as a compliment, and maybe you should too. :-)

  6. Robin, I do!

    Also, Transcendentalist Super Hero is excellent!

  7. Yes I take Transcendentalist Super Hero as compliment, even though it quite obviously was not intended as one. ;-)

    The Emerson Avenger was just the name of my blog, and simply referenced Ralph Waldo Emerson's saying about justice coming slowly but surely, until the rather cranky U*U blogger Cranky Cindy decided in her dubious wisdom that I was a "Transcendentalist Super Hero" and I decided to run with it. . . I am quite happy in my *role* aka online "persona" as The Emerson Avenger, dreaded scourge of The U*U World. :-)

    It really can be quite a bit of fun and one needs to have a bit of fun when dealing with some of the U*U crap I have to deal with. I dare say that I get a chuckle out of how CUC Executive Director Mary Bennett's big fat U*U "corporate identity" fits so nicely with my role as a big fat U*U "shit disturber". :-)