Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Judy Blume's Blubber, plus free fiction and class links

Update: I expanded my review on Goodreads, so I'm expanding it here, too:

I saw a reviewer say she didn't like Blubber because the ending did not make it clear that bad things are bad. That's because Blume knows to trust her readers. As many children's book writers have noted, children usually can figure out things their parents don't understand.

When Judy Blume wrote Blubber, I wasn't interested in kids' books. But when Robert N. Lee wrote, "I've said for years and years that everybody should be issued this book before they get online," I decided I needed to read it.

Blume is at least as good as her fans say she is, and she may be better. I know a lot of writers, myself included, who could learn from her style, her sense of structure, her pacing, her attention to scenes, her humor, her acceptance of human shortcomings, and her ability to tell a moral tale without a hint of preaching.

Will-Bob gives it four and a half stars. (I gave it five on goodreads. I might've given it four if I hadn't seen the comment by someone who gave it two. I think the ending is a little rushed, but that's a minor quibble.)

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I posted "Little Red and the Big Bad" here.

Got a couple of class links here. I especially recommend clicking on the interactive "The Geography of the Recession" map.

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