Monday, December 7, 2009

first Midnight Girl review (after a sweet twitter comment)

An gives YA a thumbs up. It's a mighty sweet review.

The twitter comment:
chaoticcalm: @willshetterly I just finished reading Midnight Girl (after the rec from Gaiman) and it was wonderful! *rushes off to read your other work*
 I'll tone down the pimpage after this. But it is sweet to hear from folks I don't know that the book worked for them.


  1. Hurray! That's great news, Will. You (and the book) deserve it.

  2. i just finished reading Midnight Girl as well, and i cannot for the life of me understand how it hasn't been published. but, i suppose these things happen. i'll be buying a copy soon, and i truly hope there will be a sequel. i'm looking forward to finding more of your work. cheers!

    (sorry for double post, typo.)

  3. ginreoh, thanks! I am very fond of those characters, so a sequel could happen.