Friday, December 18, 2009

insights from the oddest places #1

All I Want for Christmas Is... Jews -Faux Mariah Carey has a surprisingly profound insight: "They may have killed our savior; that's not the best behavior. That's okay, he rose three days later." Any Christian who ever heard, "They killed Jesus," should've answered, "What kind of crazy talk is that? Jesus lives."

Actually, they should've answered that the Romans caught, tried, and crucified Jesus, but faith is not about facts--it's not even about the facts offered in a faith's favorite text.


  1. Actually, it was the rich who killed Jesus.


  2. ummmm... and what about the line "the big bx office makes Jews millionaires"? Perhaps this is a contest on how many outdated stereotypes can be set to a popular song?

    merry whatever...

  3. Ah, but they do include a list of mighty hot Jewish boys, and they don't seem to be mocking any of the Jews they picture.

    The problem with this video is it's full of hipster irony. So it's either anti-racist and anti-capitalist, or pro-racist and pro-capitalist, or all of the above.

    Okay, one more point: saying it's racist to note that Hollywood is heavily Jewish is silly. If you've been there, or if you're read about its history, you know it is heavily Jewish for understandable reasons, much like the garment industry.

  4. After thinking a bit more about my response above, I realized I'm feeling defensive, because this video does play with the "rich Jews" cliche in a way that's not going to change the minds of anyone who's prejudiced against Jews.

    But I still like their point about Jesus getting better.

  5. If they hadn't killed Jesus, we wouldn't have a Christianity as such, anyway; his sacrifice and resurrection is pretty essential.

  6. There is a take on the Jews and Judas that I kind of admire for cleverness: they should be celebrated as heroes for fulfilling God's plan.

    But I don't think God's plan calls for killing anybody to accomplish anything.