Tuesday, December 15, 2009

more about Peter Watts

Chris McLaren has a good roundup of links here. I especially recommend this comment that he found in the BoingBoing thread.


  1. I missed that. You're right. Just about every essay has at least one stupidity, and that one counts.

  2. So many dystopian realities to choose from so little time.

  3. The latest newspaper report is fairly idiotic: http://www.thetimesherald.com/article/20091218/NEWS01/912180310/Report++Sci-fi+writer++irate+

    "As officers began searching the vehicle the driver exited the vehicle and became irate with officers," the report states. "When the subject was ordered back into the car the subject refused."

    The officers then tried to handcuff Watts "for their safety," but Watts resisted and pulled away. Officer then used several "muscling techniques and (officers) took the subject to the ground."

    Watts continued to struggle with officers and eventually made it back into his vehicle, the police report states.

    At what point did he suddenly decide he wanted to get back in the car? After they knocked him down and beat him up, I guess.

    Oh, and this bit is pretty rich, too:

    Beaudry then sprayed Watts in the face with pepper spray. The spray "did not appear to have any effect on the subject as he wiped his face off and continued to ignore commands from officers."

    Ummmm... yeah.

  4. He's not Peter Watts. He's the Incredible Peter Watts!(TM)