Thursday, December 3, 2009

Really blame Canada, plus Kill frequent fliers!

Canada's image lies in tatters. It is now to climate what Japan is to whaling: "Alberta's tar sands operation is the world's biggest single industrial source of carbon emissions. By 2020, if the current growth continues, it will produce more greenhouse gases than Ireland or Denmark. Already, thanks in part to the tar mining, Canadians have almost the highest per capita emissions on earth, and the stripping of Alberta has scarcely begun."

The class component: "The First Nations people living downstream have developed a range of exotic cancers and auto-immune diseases." You may think that's race-based rather than class-based, but US mountain-stripping in Appalachia hurts poor whites in similar ways. Capitalism doesn't care why anyone's poor.

We Are All Killers. Until We Stop Flying:
Despite the claims the companies make for the democratising effects of cheap travel, 75% of those who use budget airlines are in social classes A, B and C(23). People with second homes abroad take an average of six return flights a year(24), while people in classes D and E hardly fly at all: because they can’t afford the holidays, they are responsible for just 6% of flights(25). Most of the growth, the government envisages, will take place among the wealthiest 10%(26). But the people who are being hit first and will be hit hardest by climate change are among the poorest on earth. Already the droughts in Ethiopia, putting millions at risk of starvation, are being linked by climate scientists to the warming of the Indian Ocean(27). Some 92 million Bangladeshis could be driven out of their homes this century(28), in order that we can still go shopping in New York.
The social class categories come from the NRS social grade.