Thursday, January 7, 2010

anti-racism excess: KFC ad, or the intersection of anti-racism and US cultural imperialism

Via KFC ad: Placate threatening black people with fried chicken…:

Racist KFC advertisement?

I wondered if this was like the Aussies in blackface performing in front of Harry Connick, Jr. Nope. Maybe it's just because I recognize Australia's national colors, but it seemed obvious to me this was about two different sports teams. Which it turns out it is. Australia's playing the West Indies team soon.

But American anti-racists are imposing US racism on other nations now. As any number of Australians have pointed out, Aussies didn't have a clue that in the US, black people liking fried chicken is racist.

Which, frankly, is one of the weirder bits of US racist code. I grew up in the South, and everybody down there liked fried chicken. We owned a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant for a while, and were one of the few places in the county that served whites and blacks. Mom and Dad were told by some black families that they came out of their way to support us. By eating fried chicken...

But I digress.

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