Friday, January 1, 2010

every day is new year's day

My vows:

1. Dare more.

2. Laugh more.

3. Live more in the tangible world and less in the electronic one.

I think that means less blogging, and I'm sure it means fewer posts that only consist of links. I wish I could say that what I offer online henceforth will be unique. But sharing matters, and that includes sharing links, so there will be links.

What motives me on this day of beginning again is no different than what motivated me before, but perhaps it's stronger. Here's some of that: The Great Recession: A Hidden Depression?

And here's a position of belief from DairyStateDad that's much like mine: What I believe. He ends with this youtube video:

This is tempting: Wipe The Slate Clean For 2010, Commit Web 2.0 Suicide