Sunday, January 3, 2010

socialist news, mostly health care

When Drugs Stop Working-Norway's Answer: "Norway's public health system fought back with an aggressive program that made it the most infection-free country in the world. A key part of that program was cutting back severely on the use of antibiotics."

Don’t play Russian roulette with your healthcare: "Russia has more physicians, hospitals, and health care workers than almost any other country in the world on a per capita basis, but since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the health of the Russian population has declined considerably as a result of social, economic, and lifestyle changes."

History of LASIK Eye Surgery and Refractive Surgery: "In the 1960s in the former USSR (Soviet Union), Dr. Slava Fyodorov dramatically increased the safety of what was now called Radial Keratotomy (RK) ... Dr. Slava Fyodorov is regarded in many circles as the grandfather of refractive surgery due his extensive involvement in the techniques and commercialization of RK."

For Some in Japan, Home Is a Tiny Plastic Bunk: "The government says about 15,800 people live on the streets in Japan, but aid groups put the figure much higher, with at least 10,000 in Tokyo alone. Those numbers do not count the city’s “hidden” homeless, like those who live in capsule hotels. There is also a floating population that sleeps overnight in the country’s many 24-hour Internet cafes and saunas. The jobless rate, at 5.2 percent, is at a record high, and the number of households on welfare has risen sharply. The country’s 15.7 percent poverty rate is one of the highest among industrialized nations."

Cost of Health Care By Country, as Compared to Life Expectancy:


  1. Weren't we all going to move to Norway? Or wait, was that Detroit? Maybe we can get the hospitals in Detroit to do what Norway's doing?

  2. Detroit really should, 'cause Norway's solution is cheap.

  3. But doctors are supposed to DO SOMETHING, not just tell you to go home and drink lots of fluids *rolls eyes*