Wednesday, January 6, 2010

speed review: Sherlock Holmes

Liked it. Needed an edgier actress for Irene Adler--Claudia Black? Diana Rigg via time travel? Could've used more Watson. And this might be the hardest to explain: it needed an ordinary person for a client, an individual whose life would be transformed by Holmes and Watson. It wasn't as exciting as Iron Man, but I'm more likely to see this again than Iron Man. The important part commercially: I'll be there for the next one.


  1. "Diana Rigg via time travel?"

    How about cloning?

    Where are the Raëlians when you really need them? ;-)

  2. I'd only go with cloning if you could guarantee the personality came also.

    The Raëlians do have mixed-up priorities.

  3. But if you did cloning wouldn't you have to wait another 20 years to make the movie? Or would you still need time travel?

    ~DSD, who shares his pre-adolescent crush on the lovely Miss Rigg with NPR's Scott Simon...

  4. Fast growth clones would work. The shorter overall lifespan wouldn't be an issue with a film or two.

    I think the reason that we didn't get an "interesting" client was because this was the "introduction" movie. I have high hopes for the sequel.

  5. For reasons known only to himself The Emerson Avenger is *seriously* considering ordering a whole Army's worth of butt kicking Diana Rigg clones from his good friends the Raëlians. :-)