Saturday, January 30, 2010

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My "Blogging break" now means "links only, and only links that may be useful for years." And, okay, brief commentary. And, uh, whatever I damn well feel like. Like this realization:

I need to stop saying "but" and start saying "and." Too often, I say "Yes, but—" or just "But—" and I'm heard as denying what the other has said when I actually mean that the other's point is valid, so far as it goes, and there are more, and possibly greater, factors to consider as well. The 4-Hour Work Week (which I decided was not worthless, but was not for me) mentioned the "criticism sandwich": give praise, then criticism, then more praise. When I was a kid, the technique was called "sugar-coating." I think my metaphor will be "trick the cat," because when we've had to give medicine to cats, adding salmon or tuna flavor made a huge difference.

Ulysses Grant: Our Greatest President? was only anti-democratic racist violence and a rightwing court system that frustrated that American ideal. Too many liberals buy into a myth that Jim Crow was democratically supported in this nation which just feeds its historic legitimacy.

What we should honor and remember by honoring Ulysses Grant is that his vision of racial justice was the will of the American people-- all its people -- and that the following hundred years of segregation was an illegitimate betrayal of that democratic will.
Italics mine. Link via Making Light.

via rialian (thanks!), a site I may follow: Front Porch Republic. rialian pointed out The Politics of Ingratitude; I found a great selection of songs in Lookin’ Out My Back Door; Or Sounds From Boo Radley’s Porch, and this quote:

"Property in the hands of labor is freedom. Labor in the hands of property is slavery." –Dmitri Kleiner

And, for fans of recursive art, The Turtles perform the theme to It's Garry Shandling's Show:

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