Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anti-racist excess? White Sorority zeta tau alpha wins Sprite Step Off!!!

I'm putting a question mark after this, because I haven't seen what the competition did. Their victory provoked charges of racism and a change in the official result. I especially liked this comment at YouTube - White Sorority zeta tau alpha wins Sprite Step Off!!!: "The only color is ego. We are all one."

'The bottom line was they didn't care if the girls were better or not, the people that were upset were saying white girls should not have won, period,' Antoine said. 'I think this is bigger than a step competition. Race relations in America still needs a lot of work,” he said.

Ironically, it was an attempt to foster unity that first brought Zeta Tau Alpha into stepping. The chapter at the University of Arkansas began participating 16 years ago in a Unity Step Show sponsored by the campus chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc., an African-American sorority.� Through the years, the Zeta Tau Alpha teams learned a variety of steps as well as some history on the tradition of stepping, said Alexandra Kosmitis, a senior Zeta Tau Alpha who is a member of the current step team.
Even if Zeta Tau Alpha was best, I can't quibble with Sprite's solution: two teams got to win.

(Thanks, mattkinsi!)


  1. I didn't see the competition either, but there are certainly some times when some of the Zeta Tau Alpha folks are pretty obviously off (29 seconds in, leftmost girl in the second row being the most obvious example). I would be VERY surprised if no better teams entered the competition. That lack of synchronization wouldn't make it past round one in a cheerleading competition and staying on beat is even more central to step.


  2. The comments at youtube are interesting. There are people who say they're black who say this team deserved their victory. And yet, it may've also been dancing bear syndrome--not that this team won because they're white and therefore better, but that they won because expectations were so low for a white team.