Thursday, February 18, 2010

as I back away from the web, a question and more

I like sharing links, partly to make them easier for me to find again, but I'm getting tired of blogging them. Does anyone have a favorite service like SideWiki, Diigo, Reframe It, Delicious, or...?

Beat-up cars and neuron computers: broken 'dream' of Amy Bishop? They don't say anything about her being mobbed, but if I was investigating the case, I would expect to find that she was.

Detroit Schools' Offering Classes in How to Work at Walmart Attacked as 'Subservient Worker' Training (thanks, partly_bouncy!)

Down, Out, and Hated: Anger aimed at the poor. (thanks, rialian!)

For anyone who thinks the tea partiers are racist: The New American Religion Behind the Growing American Rage


  1. "They’re going to train students to be subservient workers" she told the Free Press. "This is not why parents send them to school."

    That's better than what the kids are currently getting from most of the non-suburban public schools in Michigan at the moment.

  2. serial, that occurred to me, too. If we have to have corporate masters, horrible as this is, it's an improvement.

  3. A quick word about the Kruno video from DiJ: While driving up from Philly for the event, he and his group were in an accident and the other members were unable to to attend. Kruno made it in and though bruised, managed a great week of classes and jams.

    When the weekend concerts rolled around, those other guys (Denis, Tim, and Simon) jumped in to back him up, though all of them had spent the week teaching and jamming AND had their own performances to prepare for.

    Anybody who plays guitar and has even the smallest interest in the style should make an effort to go to DiJ at least once.