Thursday, February 25, 2010

back at Facebook, and a question about staying on Blogger

For folks who prefer Facebook's interface, I've restored the feed from my main blog to I'm going to become a redundancy moderate on feeds; I'm not going to crosspost to LiveJournal, and I won't provide a feed to Twitter.

Which raises another question: Is there anyone who would like me to keep posting on Blogger? I'm a little tempted to shift entirely to Facebook.


  1. I wouldn't be able to read your posts if you shifted entirely to Facebook.

    This would make me sad.

    Not sad enough to actually join Facebook, but still...

  2. Seconding what serialbabbler said.

    Speaking only for myself, I have no intention of ever joining Facebook no matter what the enticement.

  3. I'm on Facebook, but rarely. Besides, I can view Blogger at work, Facebook not so much.

  4. Late to the conversation, but glad to see you're staying on blogger.