Friday, February 19, 2010

“From each according to his gullibility, to each according to his greed”

2 July 1921, New Zealand Truth, “The Critic,” pg. 1:
Socialism—To every man according to his deed.
Communism—To every man according to his need.
Capitalism—To every man according to his greed.

(This post is mostly a test of diigo's note-sharing ability.)


  1. The last person who quoted that flew into a building.

  2. Yep. When times are a little tough, you get violence from the right. When they're really tough, you get it from the left too. Though how "left" this guy was is hard to say--his letter, which I read, isn't very socialist. He was mostly a tax protester.

  3. He sure had a lot of bad things to say about capitalism in general, and the financial sector in particular. I don't think it's a right-left thing, though- nobody has anything much good to say about tax collectors. Which is a good reason for making the tax code more fair; people are more likely to obey fair laws, even when it's a hardship.

  4. He's being claimed by the "patriot" movement--whatever that is.

  5. He was just another berserker. The political stuff is mostly window dressing. Of course, the more stressed and isolated people are in general, the more berserkers we're likely to get.

    This is not my beautiful future...

  6. Capitalism is not going to let go any more easily than feudalism did. And it may be the capitalists will fight harder than nobles did, because it's harder for capitalists to see that what they call a meritocracy is just their name for plutocracy.

    Or, to get out of my damn tendency to philosophize, yeah. Sucks. But I hope our beautiful future is on the other side of this.