Monday, February 22, 2010

Response to Olbermann: 'People of color' at Tea Parties, plus armed black conservatives

Just to make this clear, I think the Tea Party folks are confused, but people who dismiss them as racist are clueless.

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  1. I think a lot of people simply want to dismiss the Tea Partiers so they look for an easy reason to dismiss them. Truth is irrelevant.

    Of course, I'm a member of what Robert Reich dscribes as the:

    "I'm Mad As Hell" Party- a rag-tag collection of Tea Partiers furious at establishment Republicans, left-wing Democrats angry at what they consider lily-livered Democrats in Washington, and Independents disgusted with everybody inside the Beltway.

    So my opinion is also easily ignored. :)

  2. I understand why the conservatives are co-opting the MAH Party, but I hate that the progressives seem to think they're the enemy instead of potential allies.

    Maybe we should formally start the MAH Party. (My most recent political party idea was to start a Canada Party and advocate seceding from the US and joining Canada. Or maybe, the Norway Party.)

  3. I just posted a second update to my Olbermann post, a direct response and invitation from the Dallas Tea Party organization

  4. I don't know, Will. I dismiss the Tea Partiers as (racist) fucktards, and I'm not ignorant. Primarily because most of them ARE a bunch of (racist) fucktards...

    Having a token black man doesn't make you not racist. It makes the black man confused and used.

  5. To be clear, it's like Republicans trotting out conservatives who are also minorities or poor to showcase how they are not-the-party-of-rich-white-Christians, really!

    It doesn't show Republicans are diverse or the party of the people, it just shows that some people can be duped into supporting those working against their own best interests (Hello? Poor white Southern Republicans? Yes, I'm talking about you).

  6. Oh, some Tea Partiers are racist fucktards, but there's no evidence that most of them are. What the evidence is clear on is they're classist or they're clueless about the ways their proposals will hurt poor folks of all hues.

    But here's something that needs to be clearer, imho: rich black conservatives know the Tea Party would be great for them, 'cause it's all about the color of money.

  7. Oh, I suspect that Tea Party policies wouldn't be much good for anybody in the long run. Crumbling infrastructure never is. It's just that the rich folks always think they can buy their way out when things start to really go sour and there are a lot of not so rich folks who think they're going to be rich by then.

  8. Will, there's plenty of evidence that most of them are. Tea-baggers push the notion that Latinos are the reason whites can't get jobs; that Mexicans are dirty, stinking animals; etc. All the racist bullshit you see at their rallies, the things they cheer as groups, etc.

    I mean, are you watching the news? The name Tom Tancredo ring a bell?

  9. Sure, some of them are racist. But so long as a number of their leaders are black and Hispanic, it's hard to say they're racist as a group. Racists don't follow people of skin colors they don't like.

    What they generally are is classist nationalists. That's why you have "legal immigrants" who oppose making it easier for "illegal" ones.

  10. here are some pictures taken at that Dallas Tea Party for a local blog.

    greyorm, I've never heard any of that at the local tea parties; perhaps they say it where you live. But if you want to hear real vitriol about illegal immigrants, go to the southwest and listen to hispanic families who have been here for 300 years talk about them.

  11. There appears to be a bit of a schism in the Tea Party over the issue of immigration with Tom Tancredo on one side and Dick Armey on the other. I do my best to avoid watching the news, though.

  12. serial, I hadn't caught that, but you're very right: