Friday, February 26, 2010

Where is the unity training?

Here's more of the winning Sprite stepping routine: Zeta Tau Alpha: Epsilon 1st Place Winners of Sprite Step-Off Challenge 2010

The poster of this video said, "I sat through over 6 hours of competition, watching 14 performances, and without doubt, these girls deserved to win."

You can check out the color of the judges here. They're all black.

Most of the commenters seem to be saying that the teams from the "Divine Nine" (I love that) need to suck it up and bring a better game next time. Here's my favorite comment so far: "My law professor, who happens to be white, put it best when he said to the class, "We go through diversity training to learn about each other and it only makes up separate ourselves from each other, so instead of diversity training, where is the UNITY training.""

1 comment:

  1. Unless the leftmost girl in the front was SUPPOSED to put her hands down off beat and a moment before everyone put theirs down at 50 seconds in, I still think it's this team that could use some unity training.

    (Yes, it is certainly possible that the other teams were worse. But wow.)