Tuesday, February 16, 2010

why is Facebook friendlier than many other sites?

Greg Bonine-Giles pointed out, "Here, you have your own name and face, and you're "talking" to another person's real name and face, which makes it easier to remember the Golden Rule. It puts back the civility that's been missing from most of the internet."


  1. Er- not everybody who posts on Facebook is actually using their real name. It's only against the rules if you get caught...

    (Not that I know this from personal experience being completely uninclined to join Facebook.)

  2. I wonder if plausible reality counts for something. I'm thinking of the claims (and not claiming they're true) that your wallet is more likely to be returned if you have pictures of babies in it, and that people honor the money jar in a snack room more often if there's a picture of an eye on the wall.

    I have encountered the flip side of that, where people who are perceived as famous are also perceived as somehow less than real.

  3. Possible. I know of at least one person who openly admits that she's more polite to people with screen names that sound like real names.