Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Be Sad and Succeed

Be Sad and Succeed: Scientific American: "Forgas reviewed several of his studies in which researchers induced either a good or bad mood in volunteers. Each study found that people in a bad mood performed tasks better than those in a good mood."

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  1. I don't know...sadness and heartbreak didn't seem to help The Danish Poet's writer's block (though love and happiness did).* I know I can do some things better when I'm mad, but it's no fun to be around me then. #

    *I know the story sounds too weird to be true, but it's the actual pre-autobiography of my godparents' daughter-in-law. Their son played the trumpet music, as well as doing the dog barking.

    # Sort of like the Incredible Hulk, though I don't turn green and/or rip my clothes. Might be more fun for others if I did, though. ;-)