Monday, March 29, 2010

context matters: yellow journalism, flame wars, and Amanda Palmer's "Klan" tweets

Flamewars and real ones often erupt over something taken out of context and re-interpreted. I'm reminded of the apocryphal story that artist Frederic Remington telegrammed Hearst to tell him all was quiet in Cuba and 'There will be no war.' Hearst responded 'Please remain. You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war.'

I've assembled Palmer’s most relevant tweets in chronological order. Though her haters seem to think she was recommending giving money to the Klan as an ironic act, it’s clear to me she was mocking the idea of “ironic product placement.”
finally just watched the gaga/beyonce telephone video. painful product endorsement. amazing colors, visuals & production. terrible song.
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@olganunes it has that xerox dance-club feel and no discernible hook or depth. dance music is hard to make actually good. it's an art.
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@collectdust you can't cash in on irony. it negates it.
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@chillibbz but this is the whole problem with gaga. you can't cash in on your irony and cry art. (however, warhol would so disagree.)
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@olganunes i think taste in dance music is tied specifically to personal teen nostalgia. if i were 33 in 2030, i'd be sighing "lady gaga".
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@JoanArkham ironic product placement is only ok if you take no money & beyond that give all the income to something ironic. like the Klan.
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@trixiedarko i looked that up. it seems like some were direct endorsements, some were used for fun, and some were relationship builders.
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@HayleyFiasco she's a tsunami in the postmodern ocean. i maintain:
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...gaga is a human billboard; an end-times media mash-up. but i see her more as victim, not savior. ask me in 20 years.
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@sigilgoat she's smart as shit. still: i'm pretty hypocritical. i might have a different opinion if i thought the song was good. go figure
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@Cillinface i think it's pretty now-centered dance pop music that will not stand the test of time. bowie = different. bowie = good songs.
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@trixiedarko i ain't saying the victim of anything but her own cultural bondage.
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and on that note: we are all victims.
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best bet for gaga on the next tour: write some fantastic songs and play them on solo piano. it'll cost nothing and shut everybody like me up
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@litrock she slays on piano. if she lost the production/stripped it all down NOW, she'd do what no other rising pop star has dared to do.
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@Energist it was totally blatant/on purpose/self-referential/ironic. that's the whole point here. it's just sad we've come to this.
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to all tiy saying "BUT IT WAS IRONIC". yes. i KNOW. but ironic like a gun-safety instructor accidentally shooting a student. you know?
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@drauh you took my analogy too far. i meant simply: ironic in a tragic way.
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good blog on the lady gaga product placement that echos most of my thoughts. not pro, not con, just smart:
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RT @adistantworld Irony in contemp. mainstream pop music is becoming another marketing device anyway. She's turning into a parody of herself
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@Smoph gaga DOES play her own instrument...she's a great pianist and writes much of her own stuff. do some youtube searching.
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1.mainstream media headlines: "is gaga selling out?!", in defense: "no, it's art/irony!" 3.winner -> virgin mobile
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re: the blog @ what resonated most: i was raised to detest product placement & teens now accept it as cool/necessary
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for those of you out there who can't bear the thought of the ku klux klan used'll LOVE this!!:
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