Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Row as anti-abortionists target African Americans with US racist history

Row as anti-abortionists target African Americans with US racist history | World news | guardian.co.uk


  1. It's better, but he says to target guns. I say target the drug war. He's failing to take the next step and ask why gun violence is a problem in urban poor neighborhoods and not elsewhere.

  2. Perhaps. However, legalizing drugs would be a much steeper mountain to climb than gun control or legalizing abortion. If those folks were really concerned with helping black children, they could be donating to immunization programs, helping at food banks, volunteering at inner city schools, etc. But they aren't, because they're far more interested in controlling women then they are in helping kids.

  3. Blue, I think you're underestimating the mountain that is gun control. Last time I looked at the polling numbers, the support wasn't there. See


    But there actually is popular support for legalizing marijuana. There just isn't the willingness of the ruling class to do it.

  4. Well, marijuana is already legal as a prescription drug in many states for cancer patients dealing with chemotherapy, etc. There's also a rather funny story about a doctor prescribing it for a patient's post-operation anorexia; apparently, the mary jane munchies are for real. ;-)

    And there are quite a few gun control measures that have made it into law; the Brady Bill, the assault weapons ban, bans on "cop killer" bullets, etc. So banning guns or drugs depends very much on which gun (or which drug) we're talking about. I doubt we're going to see something like legal LSD in this lifetime.