Saturday, April 24, 2010

does anyone know when the new AZ law requiring citizenship papers goes into effect?

I hear it'll be in 90 days from signing, and then it'll be postponed due to legal challenges. But I want to make plans for that day. My current thought is to start by going down to the police station and asking to be arrested because I don't have any proof that I'm a citizen on me. I've never managed to be arrested in any of my previous protests.* Maybe this'll be the day.

* I did get questioned by the secret service once, but that was because we were near a presidential speech, and I was sixteen and dumb enough to say to a friend, "Man, this would be a bad place to joke about killing the President." My friend laughed and agreed.

And the SS swarmed in.

They were very civil. Asked us a couple of questions, then dispersed. But I've always been amazed at how quickly they appeared out of nowhere. My guess is we looked like freaks (long hair, jeans, etc.), so someone aimed a long-range microphone our way as I asked the question.