Tuesday, April 6, 2010

from the closet

While cleaning the closet, I came across a quote, probably recorded at the Crazy Horse Monument: Black Elk said about Crazy Horse, "It does not matter where his body lies; there the grass is growing. But where his spirit is, that would be a good place to be." (No one knows where Crazy Horse's body is. After he was murdered by US soldiers, his parents took his body away.)

Also, the price of a tonsillectomy at the Roseau Community Hospital in 1959:
Room for one day: $10.50
Operating Room: $20.00
Anesthetic: $15.00
Dressings and supplies: $1.50.
Drugs: $2.40
Laboratory Fee and Path. Exam: $2.00
Guest trays: $1.50
Total: $52.590
And I added a few more pics to these albums:

Bob and Joan Shetterly

Will Shetterly - snapshots of life so far

Finally, your Diane Arbus/David Lynch moment:

From Will Shetterly - snapshots of life so far

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