Wednesday, April 7, 2010

information, not news

More Than Enough Hours in Every Day - Opinionator Blog - "Carol Worthman, an anthropologist at Emory University, interviewed a group of researchers who had studied the nighttime patterns of ten non-Western populations, including the Ache foragers in Paraguay and the Swat Pathan herders in Pakistan. She draws a picture that has little in common with our own rigid notions of what constitutes perfect sleep. While we engage in what she calls the “lie down and die model,” confined to our beds for a fixed block of time, people in traditional societies sleep in groups and drift in and out of slumber depending on what’s happening around them. That could be anything from listening to an impromptu concert to engaging in a ritual dance. Worthman speculates that age-related variations in sleep may have been vital to survival; by staggering sleep throughout the night, someone was always on guard."

What happens when the government subsidizes the pill for teenage girls? - Barking up the wrong tree: "the subsidy significantly decreased the abortion rate by about 8 percent. Furthermore, long-term access decreased the likelihood of teenage childbearing by about 20 percent. However, there is no significant effect on labor supply, marriage, educational attainment or welfare take-up."

Study warns more senior citizens will become homeless: "According to the NEAH report, the top cause of senior homelessness is job loss."

A Tiny Revolution: Support The Troops? I'm not breaking my "no news" policy; this is from 2006. It's a useful look at what war does.

ETA: No, war doesn't do this to everyone involved in a war. But it always does it to some. Any thinking person who starts a war knows this.


  1. A Tiny Revolution: Support The Troops? I'm not breaking my "no news" policy; this is from 2006. It's a useful look at what war does.

    It's nitpicking, but I would be a great deal less offended if you would change that to "what war can do"

    Also, I have recommended it before, but anyone interested in that subject should read "On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society" by Dave Grossman.

  2. Hmm. I hear you. What I mean is that war will do this to some folks, not to all. But it will do this to some. In every war, it's done this, and it will do this.

    I'll try to come up with some clarification on the post now.

  3. I understood where you were coming from, but it needed some more wiggle room. Just like the post that it refered to. None of those quotes were inaccurate, but it doesn't represent even a fraction of the story, and it was writen with a nasty slant. Which is why I didn't bother answering there, I dont have your impulse to tilt at windmills.

  4. I've never seen a windmill I couldn't charge.


    I like A Tiny Revolution because they don't make any pretense of nonpartisanship. I suspect if you asked them, they would agree that's not the whole picture. But they might also say that when you're talking about war, glossing over the worst aspects is what cowards and opportunists do.