Sunday, April 11, 2010

one last Space Babe from Planet Comics


  1. So that's where Madonna got the cone bra idea!

  2. I like all the Space Babes, but I think this one's my fave. For one thing, she looks like a hermaphrodite, so I can imagine the discussion that went on over the drawing board.

    MILO: Got the new cover ready, boss! Here's the Fearless Space Tarzan rescuing the helpless prisoner!

    BOSS: We can't use this, Milo! The hapless prisoner is a guy!

    MILO: So?

    BOSS: So?! There's already lots of heat on Batman and Robin for looking gay--how's it gonna look when a half-clad Space Tarzan rescues a guy in chains?? You want Wareham on our backs again?

    MILO: Oh...OK. I'll just make the Fearless Space Tarzan a woman then--just draw on a gold bra...lengthen the hair...add a little lipstick...there! Nobody will ever notice that the rest of him--uh, her--is a guy. Finished!

    BOSS: And you beat the deadline too. Great job, Milo!

  3. Blue, that would explain the chest! (My boring explanation is comics didn't pay much, so artists tended to work fast.)

    And for anyone who wonders about your reference to "Wareham", it's Fredric Wertham.

  4. Comic book art is all about movement. Making things anatomically correct is secondary at best. (Which is my excuse for being sucky at that form of art. Action just ain't my strong point. *grin* )