Wednesday, April 21, 2010

poem of the day

Catullus 16 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Recommended for anyone interested in obscenity or free speech.

ETA: NPR on Naughty Catullus Poem: Alea Redacta Est - Arts Desk - Washington City Paper: "All Things Considered bleeped five Latin words."

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  1. Good old Catullus 16! The highlight of every highschool Latin poetry class (no, it's not usually taught, but somebody always digs it out).

    I happened to practicing some Django style arpeggios when my son yelled at me to "get down here right now". Nearly wet myself laughing.

    While Catullus is rather amusing, the Greeks could be *much* worse. Archilochos wrote about seducing a young girl and not quite finishing up where he wanted:

    He was also said to have written a poem about a guy named Lycambes (father of the Neobule mentioned in P.Colon.7511) who had been promised to him in marriage and then given to another) that was so savage it drove Lycambes and his family to suicide.