Thursday, April 29, 2010

the difference between racists and fascists (the Tea Party)

Anti-racists see the Tea Party as a racist movement, even though Gallup says the Tea Party is 6% non-Hispanic black and 15% other. While I don't know much about that "other" category, 6% black in a country that's 13% black is hard to damn for being racist.

But it's easy to damn for being fascist. Tea Party members, with their love of corporations and government benefits like Social Security that are reserved for citizens of the empire, are fascists.

Yes, fascists can be racists, as the Nazis proved. But the Nazi concept of nationalism was only for white people. The Tea Party has some racist supporters, but given the prominence of people like Lloyd Marcus and Michelle Malkin, it's not racist. Their concept of nationalism is based on the Constitution. If you're homeless in America, they don't want the government to help you, no matter what color you are.

A reminder about poverty in America. According to the US Census Bureau’s Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2005, the racial makeup of poverty in the United States of America looks like this:
Asian persons in poverty: 992,856 (2.92%)
Black or African American persons in poverty: 9,168,000 (25.17%)
Hispanic or Latino persons in poverty: 9,368,000 (22.68%)
non-Hispanic Whites persons in poverty: 16,227,000 (49.23%)
ETA: Steve Brust called me on my use of "fascism" in the comments. I partly agreed with him; it may be more accurate to say the Tea Party is reactionary or proto-fascist.