Saturday, April 17, 2010

thinking about drugs for depression

Emma and one of my best friends both do drugs to treat depression—effexor for Emma, ativan for the friend. I've always been a bit leery of using drugs for psychological issues, but I'm a pragmatist. In both cases, the results have been good. Emma says she had her brain back after three days of doing effexor. The friend is writing again.

So I'll be calling our doctor on Monday to find out what I can do. I feel a bit like a fraud or a failure, since the world is sufficiently unjust that some depression seems like no more than a sane* response, but I've been having trouble focusing on doing anything meaningful, and that must change.

* A comment I made recently: "I'm giving up on sane. I'm joining the rest of the human race." That isn't actually true. I'd like a drug that'll help me focus so I can be more effective in my attempts to do my bit within this madly greedy world.