Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Went to the Pima County Fair on Sunday. Yay! Goats rule. Didn't go on any rides: too expensive. Also, my general take on midway rides is amazement that people will pay to do things I would pay not to do. But I love watching—it was great seeing Larry get shot into space.

Made an appointment with the doctor for Thursday. Also, took the Automated Structured Interview for the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale with Atypical Depression Supplement today; got a 9, which seems about right. That's "mildly to moderately" depressed.

In googling this, I've found suggestions that homocysteine levels may be a factor in depression. I'm taking folic acid on my doctor's advice; that may've lowered my depression a bit, 'cause I think I was more depressed last year. Hmm. Will biochemistry become my new obsession?

Also I modified my desk so it's a standing desk. Haven't decided whether this is a good idea, but I definitely move around more.