Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Went to the Pima County Fair on Sunday. Yay! Goats rule. Didn't go on any rides: too expensive. Also, my general take on midway rides is amazement that people will pay to do things I would pay not to do. But I love watching—it was great seeing Larry get shot into space.

Made an appointment with the doctor for Thursday. Also, took the Automated Structured Interview for the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale with Atypical Depression Supplement today; got a 9, which seems about right. That's "mildly to moderately" depressed.

In googling this, I've found suggestions that homocysteine levels may be a factor in depression. I'm taking folic acid on my doctor's advice; that may've lowered my depression a bit, 'cause I think I was more depressed last year. Hmm. Will biochemistry become my new obsession?

Also I modified my desk so it's a standing desk. Haven't decided whether this is a good idea, but I definitely move around more.


  1. I followed your link, and was expecting about the same score as yours.

    I got a 32. Yeepers!

    (Like most multiple-choice exams of this sort, there were a number of questions where I didn't feel any of the offered answers really fit my particular case. So that result may be somewhat inaccurate. But still... yeep! This bears thinking about.)

  2. Definitely!

    Also, they point out that this can change from week to week. I'm sure my score would've been worse a week or two ago. So while you should talk to your doc soon, your future numbers might be better.

    And the test itself has been criticized, so don't assume any score is a perfectly accurate measure. (Hey, I'm trying to keep you from being depressed about being depressed here!)

    Oh, a depressing thing I learned about depression: It's not uncommon to underestimate how depressed you are. So take the information and use it to consult with friends and professionals. Just learning about the ways other people deal with depression has been helpful for me.

  3. A depressed person can underestimate how depressed he or she is?

    Hmmm, not surprising, actually. I usually know I'm starting a bout of depression when I can't tell how I'm feeling about anything.

  4. Will, I have toyed with trying a low dose of something for my own stuggles, but I am much more inclined to look for natural remedies as my body tends to prefer it. A friend once swore by years of taking St. Johns Wort to help take the anxious edge off life, my holistic MD suggested fish oil to help with anxiety though I'm not sure if that helped when I tried it. I've also heard that people with depression have a deficiency in B vitamins in addition to seratonin. Just wanted to toss those out there in case you are looking for a other options to run by your doctor.

  5. Emma tried St. John's Wort and didn't think much of it, but I maybe should--the testing on it has been inconclusive. It does make people more photo-sensitive, which is tricky in Arizona.

    I just came on the B vitamin issue today. I will mention that to the doc. One site said B-12 should accompany folic acid, which I'm currently taking.

  6. Oops! I'm sorry, I forgot you are vegetarian. I think it's the Omega 3 in fish oil that helps anxiety, so maybe flax seed oil? I'll have to look into folic acid...

  7. I've been thinking about flexitarianism, but so far, yep, vegetarian. I'll look at flax seed oil now....

  8. I take magnesium, omega 3, and HTP 5 when severely depressed. I'd try those before drugs. :/

    St. John's Wort gave me headaches.