Saturday, April 17, 2010

updates on brains

First, many thanks to the folks offering comments on the previous post.

Mickbic recommended Why Psychiatry Needs Therapy -, which is well worth reading, as are the comments on the article and Letters to the Editor: Your Diagnosis of Psychiatry Is Wide of the Mark - I think the author is taking a more temperate position overall than some readers do; taking drugs for your brain should not be done casually. (Says a guy who did his share of mescaline and LSD in the '70s.) Still, I think the right thing to do is to try the experiment if the doctor approves, and if I don't see an improvement, I can quit. While I worry that I won't be in a position to be objective, I can trust other people to tell me if they're seeing an improvement or not.

A couple of people (Pamela and Kevin) pointed out that Louann Brizendine's work may not be all it could be. See Language Log: The male brain.

Via Blue Jean, an interesting article on Serotonin here. If it applies to me, it's very mild. I just feel, well, foggy and scattered and lacking in purpose.

ETA: Emma thinks Shorter is an "old fogy." I didn't mean to side with him; the responses create a dialogue, not a chorus.