Sunday, May 30, 2010

actually, Yahweh was worshipped as a bull....


Pagan Burial Altar Found at Israeli Construction Site: "The 24-inch-high (60-centimeter-high) granite structure—adorned with carvings of three bull heads, ribbons, and laurel wreaths—was found May 17 during salvage excavations for a new hospital emergency room in the southern city of Ashqelon"

The article suggests this might've been for worshipping Zeus. But in that land, a god known as Yahweh or Yahu was worshipped as a bull. That's probably the origin of the Bible's golden calf story. When the Persians conquered Israel, the upper class Jews realized that the cool people were monotheists who worshipped an invisible sky god, so they began saying, "Oh, yeah, we bad. We're monotheists, too. Always been. What, elohim is plural? Nah, bro. It's, uh, it's a sign of respect. Yeah. Who's Yahu? Oh, uh, that's Elohim's other name. Yeah. We're cool. We'll rule Israel for you." And they did for several hundred years.