Saturday, May 29, 2010

Adolph Reed Jr. on Katrina

I came across another great article by Adolph Reed Jr., who has been called "the smartest person of any race, class, or gender writing on race, class, and gender" (Katha Pollitt, Mother Jones): New Orleans - Undone by Neoliberalism by Adolph Reed, Jr.:
A critique that focuses just on race misses how the deeper structures of neoliberal practice and ideology underlie the travesty in New Orleans, as well as in the other devastated areas of the Gulf Coast. (Adjacent to the Lower Ninth Ward, St. Bernard Parish, nearly 90 percent white, working class and reliably Republican, was virtually wiped off the face of the earth. Most of the parish's housing was destroyed. No hospitals or public libraries have reopened, and only 20 percent of its schools are operating.)
I linked to his The limits of anti-racism earlier. I need to read his books.