Saturday, May 1, 2010

Inequality’s Hidden Price Tag

Working Group on Extreme Inequality : The Insecurity State: Inequality’s Hidden Price Tag: "Since 2007, Starbucks has shelled out $1.6 billion to protect CEO Howard Schultz. In 2009 alone, the Las Vegas Sands gaming giant paid $2.45 million to secure the person and property of CEO Sheldon Adelson. And Oracle software has shoveled $4.6 million, over the past three years, into a “residential security program” for billionaire CEO Larry Ellison."


  1. That sort of comment is very helpful for me, 'cause without feedback, I don't know what sort of news affects people and what makes them go "meh." I know there are capitalists who would defend this as giving work to bodyguards and high-tech security firms.